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Hikvision NVR Goes Offline

Could anyone please advise where I am going wrong, with the BT broadband connections for the Hikvision NVR's?

I have tried every combination of numbers advised in the NVR network setup, I now think the issue is with the BT hub. I have used the NVR on another fibre supplier, and using a Netgear router, and that worked fine.

The problem is, the system will work fine for a few hours, and then the Hikvision platform access will go offline. That's the platform I am using for remote access. I have setup DDNS with No-Ip as I have for many years, and again that works fine. when the NVR goes offline, DDNS connection is also lost.

I have set the IP as static, and the preferred DNS to I have also tried many other combination of numbers there,,,, but still the system goes offline.

Could anyone please advise if there is a setting in the hub, or if BT block this access at all?

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Hikvision NVR Goes Offline


Have you set up port forwarding for the NVR?

And the DDNS is that set up in the hub or the NVR?

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Re: Hikvision NVR Goes Offline

We have a Hikvision 2 camera 4k system installed in 2015......

No sooner it was up and running we encountered issues with it going offline after a period of time. Found out the BT supplied router was overheating where it hadn't before, needing a reboot to restore the connection.

Ended up swapping out for a Draytek 2860ac router, no issues since.

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Re: Hikvision NVR Goes Offline

Thank you for your reply.

Yes all that’s set up and works correctly. I also know it’s not the NVR, as the recorder was set up on another none BT network. The issue has started when connected to a BT hub 6, and this I’m 99% certain is the issue.

I originally set up with a Netgear hub, and it worked fine.

After digging around today, and contacting BT tech line (they had no idea whatsoever about anything I asked about) However I did speak to one very knowledgeable person from a CCTV supplier, and he thinks it could be IPVR6 related.

Anyone know how to disable that on the hub, as I have tried,  it will not disable?

The issue I have, BT are the line supplier, and they cannot give help, why am I paying for a service that has a tech team that can’t solve the problem with their equipment?

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Re: Hikvision NVR Goes Offline

Anyone have an idea please?

Perhaps BT could answer the question about their system not working?
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