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Home Assistant and BT Smart Hub 2

Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone here is running Home Assistant and has managd to remotely access it via DuckDNS? I have been using this service with no problem for a couple of years now until I recently renewed my BT contract and took on the Halo service which shuts off your old phone line in favour of Digital Voice.  

Since swapping my extensive IoT network on to the BT Smart Hub 2 from a Netgear Nighthawk I cannot get port forwarding to work at all. I have scoured the forums and tried all the suggested methods of getting it work, ie factory re-set, disable UPnP, disable Smart Setup, restarting the hub after apyling the port forward rules etc.

I would just ditch the BT Hub and go back to my Netgear router but would then lose my landline phone which I dont want to do.

If anyone else had managed to get this to work or has soleved a simular problem, please let me know.

Specifically, I need open ports 443 and 8123






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Re: Home Assistant and BT Smart Hub 2

Halo service which shuts off your old phone line in favour of Digital Voice.
When they start to migrate over to digital they have not started yet that's why they leave your old phone line in, And when it migrates they will e mail you to say so, Like the street i live in they told me it has not started yet to changed over even though i have upgraded to full fiber and the digital phone line !
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Re: Home Assistant and BT Smart Hub 2

There is technically speaking nothing more easier, then use BT SmartHub2 as main router, which will take care of DECT (Digital Phone - You can’t use it without BT SH2), but with switched OFF Wifi at all on BT SH2, and slave connected Netgear Nighthawk, which will take care about local network, including WiFi access…

You might even put Nighthawk into DMZ zone, which means, BT SH2 will don’t really care about ports, forwarding, etc etc, just simply allow anything go directly to Netgear Nighthawk, which then, subsequently will take care about firewall, port forwarding, etc etc etc…

Apart some TP-Lnink AC and AX routers, which has problem with IPTV6 implementation of BT, Netgear should be without trouble here, means, you will decommissioned BT SH2 just to pass through traffic, and DECT handling, nothing else…

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Re: Home Assistant and BT Smart Hub 2

Hi gosforth, thanks for this.

I'll give this a go, but before I do I assume I would I need to switch off the Netgear modem and connect it to SM2 via ethernet.

And them would I use the Netear as a "normal" router ie not in AP mode? And is there any particular LAN port on the SH2 that I should use?

Just one thing about DMZ, I did try to put the computer running Home Assistant into the DMZ on the SH2 but that did not work either, hopefully it will with this setup. 🙂

Many thanks

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