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HomeHub as router for non-BT service

As we live in a rural area it is not infrequent that we lose our fibre broadband eg when a tree pulls the fibre cable down.

During such periods of outage I would ideally like to be able to continue using my (slightly complex and idiosyncratic) home network based on the HomeHub but using a temporary internet source eg a 4G modem. Some hubs (eg those supplied by Orange in France) have a USB port and 4G key supplied specifically for this purpose, but the BT HomeHub does not.

Does anyone know if the HomeHub can be configured to be used in this way?

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Re: HomeHub as router for non-BT service

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Re: HomeHub as router for non-BT service

Thank you. I was not aware of this, but alas it does not quite fit the bill as I have no EE signal in my area. Only O2 and 3 can be received here, and that with significant extra kit. My original question therefore remains!

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Re: HomeHub as router for non-BT service

It depend on whether you have a full fibre connection, or a fibre to the cabinet connection (FTTC).

If your home hub has a WAN port, then you could manually connect a 4G modem to that port if you lose your broadband connection.

If you have full fibre, then you would have a WAN (red) port which is connected to the ONT.

With FTTC it would be more complicated as you would have to use a 4G mode/router combination which replicated your home hub configuration, and use that instead.

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