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How to request replacement router

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What's the correct process to go through to request BT send me a replacement router? I have been having repeated issues with this one and gone through all the checks available apart from calling (I know the lines are busy these days and have had limited success getting anything resolved via that route in the past).


Problem is my router will sometimes just stop working and then require multiple resets to get it back again. It has done it 6 times in the last 3 months and today was a typical example: I was working and lost connection on the WiFi, the router was still showing a blue light but had no connection wired or WiFi. I restarted it using the button/power off 3 or 4 times and each time it rebooted and ended with flashing purple then solid orange light. I did a factory reset 2 or 3 times and the final time it worked. It now has a solid blue light and is working fine, I just fear having to go through this all again in a few weeks, we rely on it so much now for home and work I can't be without it. When it happened before I replaced the cable connecting the router to the socket and the splitter as I wasn't sure if these were faulty and it worked fine for a while.


Anyone had any success getting a new one? I'm reluctant to but a third party router unless anyone can recommend a good one that works?

I have a Home Hub 6 plugged into a splitter and direct into the socket where it enters the house, there is no phone or anything else connected to the line.

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Re: How to request replacement router

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phone CS 150 and tell them the problem and as long as in your fixed term contract you should be able to get a replacement

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