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Hub not connected to internet - Orange Light

Hi all 

Broadband in my area went down on Monday. But when it came back a few hours later my Hub no longer worked.

The light is now stuck on orange.

The text I received from BT to say that the broadband was back up and running said if the router didn't work, that I should try to switch off the hub and then turn it back on. I have tried that lots of times. I've checked the Ethernet connection. I've rung BT who told me to do much the same things.

They say they can see that internet is going to the property, it's just not connecting to the hub. 

BT are going to send an engineer but the earliest one can come is 9 DAYS from now. I work from home so I really need internet sooner than that. They have supplied a mini hub but I live in a real blackspot in terms of network coverage so that is very intermittent.

Any ideas? I imagine this must be a common problem??

Many thanks


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Re: Hub not connected to internet - Orange Light

When you say ethernet connection, does that mean you have FTTP? If so what lights or on the ONT? All should be green except LOS, which should be off.

If that's as it should be try resetting the Hub with a paper clip. But if you have Digital Voice back up your contacts first.

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Re: Hub not connected to internet - Orange Light

We have a white openreach box where the broadband comes into the house. The lights are as follows:

TEL 1 (off, as we don't have a landline)

PORT 1 (on, but flashes intermittently. This is the wired ethernet cable to the WAN port on back of BT Hub)

LOS (off)

PON (on)

POWER (on)


I have just tried a factory reset but the same thing happened. It goes green while it reboots, but then there is a click and 10 seconds later it goes solid orange. Don't know whether there is anything particularly significant about the click but thought I would mention it.

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Re: Hub not connected to internet - Orange Light

Worth trying another ethernet cable if you have one & that it's clicked into place. Must be LAN4 on the Hub just in case you may have inadvertently moved it while trying to make it work. Long shot but also log onto the Hub & make sure it's still in FTTP.

Failing that it should like the Hub may have died or you have a configuration error. Only way to prove that now will be trying another Hub. Might be worth having a look on your local Facebook Marketplace for a cheap one to prove the point.

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Re: Hub not connected to internet - Orange Light

I have tried another ethernet cable. No joy.

I assume it is connected to LAN4 on the hub. There are four ports. They are labelled 'Gig Ethernet 1, 2 3' and then there is WAN, which is the fourth and last. That is the one it is plugged into. (It is a Smart Hub 2).

I have also logged on to the Hub (by hardwiring my laptop to it) and checked and it is still on Full Fibre  (FTTP) Mode

Maybe the Hub is faulty, although why it would suddenly have developed an issue during the time when the broadband was being fixed by BT on Monday is a mystery....??

You say it might be worth buying a new replacement on Facebook.... would any old Hub work or does it officially need to be replaced by BT after the engineer has visited next week??

In the meantime, we can't access the broadband TV which we're paying for, and I can't work from my garden office which is hardwired to the router.....



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Re: Hub not connected to internet - Orange Light

It's possible that something went wrong with your configuration but no easy way to prove that other than swapping the SH2.

Any SH2 will just be plug & play apart from maybe setting FTTP mode. Some versions of SH1 & even the HH5 had WAN ports but that's the exception rather than the rule. So make sure if you go for one of those. But if you have DV that will only work with a SH2 & will need the contacts backed up & restored.

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