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Hybrid Connect - flashing red bars


I'm just hoping someone here can help!

We've recently upgraded to Halo 3+, and received the Hybrid Connect device.  Connected to router fine, but I had the red bars flashing, indicating unable to connect to mobile network.  Surprised by this as we live in a "4G great outdoors, good indoors" area according to EE coverage checker, a near neighbour has good EE coverage on mobile, and someone else in the village has Hybrid Connect with no hassles.  Device is in a relatively modern extension, so not likely to be stone construction issues.  I followed the guidance and tried it elsewhere in the house, but no difference.  Rebooted and then Factory reset, again no difference.

Rang BT help and spoke to Hybrid Connect support - at their suggestion I removed and wiped SIM, no change.  After going through options, they decided it was probably a faulty device and sent out a replacement.

But the replacement device made no difference, so again spoke to tech support.  After a fair amount of head scratching, they decided it must be a signal issue (notwithstanding everything above) and have sent out a MIMO aerial to maximise signal.  But still no change.

I'm now at a loss to know where to go from here - our broadband is pretty reliable, and on the the rare occasions it's out we have reasonable amounts of 4G data on mobile contracts to cover, so there's a limit to how far I'm wanting to take this.  (The upgrade also was free, so not losing anything.). And in case it's not obvious from what I've already written, I'm not very technically-minded!

But can anyone suggest anything else to try?  Any suggestions very welcome.

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Re: Hybrid Connect - flashing red bars

No one?
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Re: Hybrid Connect - flashing red bars

Is your Hybrid Connect device connected via ethernet?

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Re: Hybrid Connect - flashing red bars

Yes - initially at least, but when moving it round the house to check signal as per instructions, it's connected via wifi. Doesn't seem too make any difference.
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Re: Hybrid Connect - flashing red bars

You may find that keeping your connection to ethernet will give a slight improvement....not easy to do in some cases. All I get is a freedom of movement for the positioning of 3 metres or so, when you work out where the SH2 is placed.
An indoor/outdoor signal from EE may be shown as "good" on the coverage checker, but this is for indication purposes:

e.g., if your house is well insulated, then the signal strength can be reduced with all the metal window frames, window glass coatings, wall insulation,  etc. 
Can you see an indication of signal strength in your Hub Manager? Mine is stated as "good", hovering at around 103/104dB. Occasionally showing as "poor".
I don't think that 104dB is "good" in real terms.
Fortunately, BT Broadband is reliable, locally, so it hasn't been put to use, yet. Looks as though I need to check for a good aerial amplifier. 

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Re: Hybrid Connect - flashing red bars

Thanks for the response but I don't think it's really a signal issue. As I said, the part of the house it's in is modern, but using it anywhere in the house, even next to enormous windows, makes no difference. And neighbours have no problem with EE signal, so I'd expect at least 1 bar. It really feels more like a Settings issue.
BT did send me (foc, so maybe worth thinking about you have a weak signal everywhere) a Mimo antenna, but even that made no difference.
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Re: Hybrid Connect - flashing red bars

Hi @Solwaybuggier   Out of interest which antenna did they send you?

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Re: Hybrid Connect - flashing red bars

Panorama Ultra Wideband Mimo 5G
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Re: Hybrid Connect - flashing red bars

I am in exactly the same situation as the OP. 15 days now with the flashing red lights on the Hybrid! Unpteen calls to BT waste of time! I worked well when I first got it but now, if my BB goes off (which is very good on Halo 3+) the Im well and truly stuffed as both landline & mobile will go off too. Is there anyone out there who knows how to sort this before I cancel Halo 3+ as obviously they are not fulfilling their end of the contract!
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Re: Hybrid Connect - flashing red bars

@Mum2Emma  With that package, you are / should be entitled to help - see Home Tech Experts, sections 8 to 11 and a contact number to call. If it is a BT problem, then I doubt that would count towards your once year entitlement.