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Inconsistent latency with BT broadband (non-fibre)

Over the past ~20 months i have had incredibly inconsistent latency while playing online games such as league of legends and world of warcraft. my ping is normally between 25-30, but for very long periods (ranging from 20s to 10 minutes) my latency can increase and begin to vary between 70-200.

During these periods latency is very variable, severely impacting gameplay experience. I logged the times at which i had poor latency for several months and there was no discernable pattern, and sometimes while i am lagging i am the only person in the house using the network, with nothing running on my PC besides the game i am playing. My PC is connected to my network via ethernet. I used an application named WINMTR to repeatedly tracert the game servers for league of legends, and a screenshot of this application at a point where i had around 80 ping to the league servers is shown below.


the only advice i was given by BT support was to set up port forwarding, which had no effect, and to make a forum post (as i am now). I don't understand how the issue could be on the side of the game servers, as not everyone playing the game has this issue.

When talking to others online who have had the same issue, they told me after communicating with their ISP their ISP resolved the issue. BT support insisted that even despite evidence of my latency to BT servers, this is not an issue they can/will fix.

I live rurally and am not able to change providers or to a fibre network for the time being until another provider finishes fibre infrastructure.

What is my best course of action to solve this issue? If there is any useful information I have left out let me know and I will provide it.

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