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Issues with Ruark smart speakers & Wifi discs

Hello! Hope this is the right place for this.

We have multiple Ruark speakers across the house. We have a BT hub with one active Wifi disc.

The Ruarks are supposed to be capable of grouping, so that you can play across them all at once. Unfortunately if the devices choose to connect to a disc, they are unreliable - they won't show in the Ruark app, even though they're on the wifi as far as they / the router are concerned. 

It looks like a routing problem - if I connect them all to the router, all is well.

Anyone experienced this kind of issue, and have any advice?

I should add: I spoke to Ruark & their advice was that their devices should really only be on 2.4ghz, but I don't know how to achieve this with a wifi disc setup in our fairly sprawling house.

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