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Issues with home wifi & BT Mobile

I have had serious issues with wifi drop-outs from my BT Fibre Halo 3 with Complete Wi-fi since it got installed

One of the issues is that my iPhone continually cuts out when I am using it in my apartment, usually within five minutes or so

I have a poor signal in the apartment so try to use wifi calling here possible

I'm not clear what the issue is (wifi calling or mobile signal), does anybody have any tips on how to use wifi calling? (for example, how to ensure my iPhone uses wifi all the time rather than switching to the mobile signal)






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Re: Issues with home wifi & BT Mobile

If you’re on an older version of iOS you may be able to disable VoLTE in the mobile data settings, but this option isn’t adjustable on latest iOS.

Not many other options you can change tho, I’ve seen issues with drop outs when ‘switching’ between hub and discs so may be this causing the instability. 

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