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Multiple BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As AP (Access Point) co-existence issue

As my home is fairly large with wifi blindspots I bought and configured three HH6 routers for use as WAPs, but I'm having trouble when I try to add more than one to my home network.

I configured the WAPs using the method posted on BT forums here:

I've tested each WAP individually and each works fine. However, when I connect two (or more) WAPs to the network the problems start. With all three WAPs on the network I can connect to each using an android phone and obtain internet access via any of the WAPs. However, when I try to  connect a laptop to the second (or third) WAP via wifi the connection says 'No internet'. When I switch off all other WAPs the laptop DOES get internet via the WAP that had previously reported 'No internet'. It seems that the HH6 WAPs don't co-exist for some reason.

I did wonder whether there might be a driver config problem on the laptop, but since it works perfectly with a sole WAP that seems not the case. I also tried a different laptop, which behaves like the first.

I'm a novice in these matters, and frankly I'm stumped. Can anyone suggest a fix?

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Re: Multiple BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As AP (Access Point) co-existence issue

Silly question, have you given all 3 WAPs the same IP address? They each need to have a different address.

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Re: Multiple BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As AP (Access Point) co-existence issue

Yes, I have the range to 32 excluded from DHCP in my internet router and I've assigned each of the WAPs with a unique IP address in that excluded range ( to 4).

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Re: Multiple BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As AP (Access Point) co-existence issue

After further investigation I can add that when I try to connect a laptop to a router (when there's another HH6 on the network) I can access the routers Hub Manager interface via wifi, so I presume that its not the wifi connection to the router that's at fault. I can also access the internet from the laptop when I use an ethernet cable between the router and the laptop, so its not that the router can't access the internet. Seems like the functionality that's broken is whatever joins the wifi session to the internet connection (somehow !?).

After reading these forums and elsewhere I've tried:

- Switching smart setup off

- Separating 2.4 and 5GHz channels

- All wifi modes (1-3)

- Switching off Authoritative DHCP (and DHCP of course)

- Changing to all security mores

Curiously, when two HH6s are connected to the network I can always connect OK with the router having the lower IP address, never the other way round (even when they're both rebooted).


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