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New full fibre 900 slow wifi

I'am sure this question has been posted before on here but i couldn't find a definite answer so apologies if the solution is already available. I've recently had full fibre 900 installed and I'am not very impressed with it at the moment. Speed with a laptop connected direct to the bt smart hub 2 is around 800mbps which is great but then the wifi lets it down. Using the same laptop connected via wifi speed is around 250mbps with the laptop sat next to the hub. I have a black wifi disc in the room directly under the room the hub is in and the speeds are anything from 40mbps to 150mbps. The actual wifi symbol on the laptop always shows it as full strength connection. I've moved the disc around the house in various places and just the same. I've even run a long high speed Ethernet cable from the openreach modem in the bedroom loosely down stairs and switched the hub and disc location around with no joy. The house is not very big but all the internal walls are brick built which I know wont help but I would have thought this sort of issue would have been sorted out with modern hubs etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, because as it stands I'm close to telling BT to come round and remove it all and put me back on trusty fttc that I had no issues with. Thanks, Lee

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Re: New full fibre 900 slow wifi

From a previous post

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