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No Airplay with Halo 3. Is this right?

I used to be able to use AirPlay with my SmartHub. Now I have Halo and I can't use AirPlay.

Can I change something, or shall I switch BroadBand provider, because this is rubbish.



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Re: No Airplay with Halo 3. Is this right?


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

I do not know about Airplay, but at a guess, I would say that your devices are working on different wireless bands, as the Smart Hub 2 has both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz with the same SSID.

Try turning off the 5GHz wireless on the Smart Hub 2, so that all your devices connect to 2.4Ghz.  You may find that it fixes the problem.


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Re: No Airplay with Halo 3. Is this right?

It did not.

If it did, it would mean I have to buy a new printer, new bike computer, ...

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Re: No Airplay with Halo 3. Is this right?

Oh, you said switch off the 5GHz, fair enough.
But fails to address the problem.
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Re: No Airplay with Halo 3. Is this right?


I have had this notification many times. It is a misleading warning, and I think I figured out what it is about. However, you can ignore it because AirPlay will work regardless. Airplay uses a mixture of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and uses Multicast. They call this Bonjour.

In my case anyway, the warning is actually misleading at best, not informative at worst, caused by how it transfers information.

During the process of setting up HomePod/Apple TV, tall of your relevant account information is transferred to the device from your iPhone. Unfortunately this isn’t just including the Wi-Fi you are currently connected to, but all the Wi-Fi you do or have connected to. It Syncs this with iCloud and lets the new device know all this in case you ever need to move it somewhere and connect it to a known Wi-Fi network somewhere else. Fine, if you are taking it to your g/fs house or whatever. But when your iPhone has connected to BTWi-fi (now EE WiFi) that SSID is in your home too, along with the Wi-Fi you are already connected to.

The BT / EE public Wi-Fi doesn’t allow multicast.

The warning is therefore actually telling you that the known and trusted BT / EE network your iPhone knows about cannot use airplay. It’s not distinguishing this from the Wi-Fi you are actually on, but just on the details it’s transferring. Just doesn’t bother telling you that.

So in essence, you can ignore it.

I tested this out by ‘Forgetting’ the BT / EE network on my iPhone, waiting a good while to make sure that synced with iCloud in the background, then wiped the HomePod and restarted the process.

With the BT / EE network forgotten, the details aren’t transferred for that network and the warning never shows.

But even with the warning, as it is referring to a network you are not actually using for your home Wi-Fi, then you can ignore it and AirPlay will work regardless.

In my testing and experience anyway. I can only assume the circumstances are the same. If not, they are likely similar.

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Re: No Airplay with Halo 3. Is this right?

If any device that had a problem now works on 2.4Ghz you can turn the 5Ghz back on and your device should now stay connected and if required reconnect.

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Re: No Airplay with Halo 3. Is this right?

That sounds quite good but unfortunately doesn't pan out. I used to see my two Apple TVs when I selected Airplay from my phone. Now I don't. Doesn't matter whether I'm on 5Ghz or 2.5. Also, the error message clearly calls out the Halo 3 SSID, which undermines your argument.

I'm going to fire up an old WiFi hub and see if that is better.

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Re: No Airplay with Halo 3. Is this right?

Well it doesn’t undermine my argument. They are undoubtedly based on the same router’s MAC addresses, and it wasn’t an argument, it was a fact — just of my experience not yours.

As for Control Centre, that has always been dodgy.

I find a hard reset of my iPhone usually sorts that out when they ‘disappear’.

I have two Apple TVs and two HomePod minis, and multiple iPhone/iPads in the household so I have had to go through this quite a lot.

And Halo 3 is a pricing package of bundled features, not a technical function so ‘Halo 3’ cannot be to blame.

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