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BT Complete WiFi discs affecting geolocation ???

Hi - new user to the forum so hello.

I bought some 2nd had black discs and set them up with my bt router. I've noticed that google maps/apple maps etc are showing my location as the house where i bought the discs from which is about 40 miles from me. It also affects the apple air tag which told me I'd left my wallet behind when it was in front of me.

So far, it looks like it's only apple devices affected

The network is working wonderfully and devices hop from disc to disc without issue

Any help appreciated

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Re: BT Complete WiFi discs affecting geolocation ???

If the geolocation service is using something like Google's geolocation API then it could be picking up on the WiFI chips publicly broadcasted details that Google collect.

Hence this is second hand so when originally collected those details it was in a different location

If you want to opt out btw you can do this:


Not sure how you do this with apple devices but on android devices you can set the location services to high accuracy that forces the use of the devices GPS rather than using information such as the local WiFI acces point information.

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Re: BT Complete WiFi discs affecting geolocation ???

Thanks for the reply. I'm away for a few days so will look further into this. After reading the link you posted I'm a bit more convinced that this is a setting on my phone and iPads rather than specific to the wifi discs so will do a bit more testing.

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