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OpenReach white box shows Fault light and getting Wifi issues

FTTP here.

Wired connections appear to work fine although speed tests jump erratically while testing, but usually end showing similar download speed.

The problem getting is the wifi keeps dropping for devices. For example, on mobile it will show connecting, then nothing (still shows SSID).

Other devices in the household will be connected fine.

Another phone (Apple) will be saying invalid password (it's not).

The only way I have been able to temporally resolve this is to restart the router but its happening daily now.

I know its not the SSID and the password, I know how to get to and set those, done for years.

I am more inclined to thing this is due to an automatic hub update that happened a few months back, prior to that wifi was solid.

Other than resetting hub I have turned off and on the wifi via admin page. Re-scanned channels and also tried manually setting channels. No joy.

*Off topic, hate you cannot create separate SSID for 2.4 and 5ghz!

However, I do also have the Fault led lit red on the openreach box now as well. Internet is connected, and no drops on wired so not sure for reason of fault light, digital number, battery? Don't know

Any ideas on the wifi?


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Re: OpenReach white box shows Fault light and getting Wifi issues

Did you try a factory reset by pressing the recessed button on back and holding 20/30 secs until hub lights flash and see if that helps

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Re: OpenReach white box shows Fault light and getting Wifi issues

If you have the older style ONT with a battery backup for when Openreach provided the now defunct FVA ( fibre voice access ) the batteries are probably no good and the fault light is indicating this rather than a LOS fault light on the ONT itself, if you had a LOS fault on the ONT , your FTTP wouldn’t be working .

The BBU was only ever for FVA ,  so you may as well dispense with that completely and plug the PSU directly into the ONT and bypass the BBU 

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