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Ping spikes

Hi all,

Hope I am posting in the right forum. 


A few days ago I noticed our router kept dropping out and coming back online after a few minutes, this happened several times throughout the day. I contacted BT, they sent out an openreach engineer the next day who noticed there had been a decline in speeds since the 28/12. I am now getting c35mbps when I have been used to steady 45-50mbps. He did some tests on the line and did the usual suggestion of a new router and advised not to use too many ethernet connections etc. I received the kit two days ago and have tested with both old and new, speeds are still lower at 35mpbs. I am not too concerned as these speeds are still good enough for our usage, even with two of us working from home. 


However, since around the new year, I have noticed some huge consistent ping spikes, on all devices, on both wifi/ethernet. I have experienced issues like this in the past with other providers and have tried many different cables, have tried only using wi-fi, only using ethernet, using only one ethernet... etc. I am still experiencing these ping spikes every 10 seconds or so. We both online game, so this is an issue. Any ideas on what could be causing the problem or how BT can help fix?




RyanPing sipkes.PNG

Attached is a CMD screenshot. Same happens on both wifi and ethernet connection. 

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