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Powerline and FTTP

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Does anyone have good experience with FTTP adaptors with an FTTP service?

I have 300mb/s at the router and if I stand close by, but because of the size and age of the house (thick walls), the BT Discs connected with “excellent” quality give no more than 60mb/s.

I tried a pair of BT Powerline extenders but they were no better.

is the resistance of the power network similar to brick?

can anyone recommend Ethernet or (preferably) WiFi powerline adaptors which will give something closer to 300 mb/s?


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Re: Powerline and FTTP

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There's no reason why you can't use powerline adapters with FTTP assuming all other conditions are favourable.

The theoretical maximum speed of (for example) the TP-Link AV1000 powerline extenders is 1Gb/s which coincidentally is the same as the Smarthub 2 ethernet speed, but in reality the theoretical speed is never likely to be achieved no matter how good the condition of the house wiring.

Typical factors that will impair the efficiency of powerline converters are poor or old wiring, using extension leads, plugging into spurs as opposed to the ring main, trying to use them in situations where they connect back to different  consumer units (e.g. one in the house and the other in a garage fitted with it's own consumer unit) and the big no-no, surge suppressors. In other words if you don't follow the manufacturers instructions for use then they won't perform well.

Please help the community to help you by including all relevant information, single word responses may be quick to type but they offer little value to this Community Forum and do not help its team of volunteer members to help you.
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Re: Powerline and FTTP

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Thanks for that.. I’ll give them a try.

yes, I’m aware of those requirements and followed them..

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Re: Powerline and FTTP

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That worked! Speeds of around 100 which is much better!

Household happier 😀