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Query on wifi speeds

Hi all,

Recently updated to 900mbps, I get decent speeds over ethernet (940 down 107 up), however on wifi using modern devices (recent test on an iphone 14, 250 down 105 up) the speeds seem fairly average, even when I have full bars on wifi.

I live in a fairly small apartment and struggle to get wifi signal on the other side, down to 1 bar. I was sent a replacement router yesterday however it's made no difference.

The property is a new build, with the router being within a storage cupboard in the property.

I was with talk talk prior to BT, got great range on wifi with no issues on speeds taken over wifi also, always getting full speeds.

Any support would be appreciated.

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Re: Query on wifi speeds


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

You have probably wasted your money upgrading as its only going to show any improvement on Ethernet connected devices.

You are unlikely to get anything like the full speed over wireless, on a single device, also devices are optimised for download speed not upload speed.

It was never intended that people get full speed on all devices, especially on a wireless connection. The intention is to allow that bandwidth to be shared among family members and multiple devices, without each user noticing any slowdown.

Here is a quote from old post by @SeanD  on 18/06/2021

"I think for the first time ever we are in a situation whereby the speed you can now get through Full Fibre outperforms the capabilities of many devices.  

The Smart hub 2 does not come with Wi-Fi 6 but this is something we are looking to include in our next generation of Hub.  I don't have any info as to when we will launch a new router by Wi-Fi 6 will bring some improvement.

As an example of what I mean in terms of devices not being able to support the full breadth of speed available on Full Fibre , take a look at the table below.  This is just for a couple of Apple Smart Phones and Tablets along with  popular Samsung models,


Apple (Smartphones) Dualband (2.4 & 5Ghz) Theoretical Max speed on 2.4Ghz connection Theoretical Max speed on 5Ghz connection
IPHONE SE Yes 60mbps 300mbps
IPHONE SE 2020 Yes 135mbps



Samsung (Smartphones) Dualband (2.4 & 5Ghz) Theoretical Max speed on 2.4Ghz connection Theoretical Max speed on 5Ghz connection
galaxy-s10e Yes 135mbps 600mbps
galaxy-s10-5g Yes 135mbps 600mbps


Apple (Tablets) Dualband (2.4 & 5Ghz) Theoretical Max speed on 2.4Ghz connection Theoretical Max speed on 5Ghz connection
IPAD pro 3rd gen (Nov 2018) Yes 135mbps 600mbps
IPAD pro 4th gen (March 2020) Yes 135mbps 600mbps


Samsung (Tablet) Dualband (2.4 & 5Ghz) Theoretical Max speed on 2.4Ghz connection Theoretical Max speed on 5Ghz connection
galaxy-tab-s5e Yes 100mbps 300mbps
galaxy-tab-s6 Yes 60mbps 600mbps


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Re: Query on wifi speeds

Hello Keith,

That's really helpful and great insight.

If I were to look at a different router would I notice a difference?

Many thanks,

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Re: Query on wifi speeds

Some forum members are using third party routers, but you would lose the ability to use BT Digital Voice for your phone service.

You may get some suggestions on this forum, or a forum search may help. Either way, I doubt very much you will get the full wireless speed on a single device, and its not likely you would need it anyway, as the speed of the core Internet would be the limiting factor.

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Re: Query on wifi speeds

You could retain the SH2 router but disable WiFi and use a WiFi6 Access point to try and obtain maximum WiFi performance and allow BT DV. If you get any issues with the FTTP BT may require you to use the SH2 to try and work out what the cause is as they won't/can't support 3rd party routers.
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Re: Query on wifi speeds

I'd suggest that you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve with higher WiFi speeds? Do you routinely download huge files to WiFi devices? Do you often move many GBs of data around your LAN? If the answer is no then you'll be spending a lot of money on WiFi 6/6e just to have WiFi that goes up to 11...

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Re: Query on wifi speeds

I think downloading on the PS5 at a decent speed would be of benefit as I'm not in a position to use ethernet with this due to the location, I would say this is the only example of where I would need the speeds over Wifi.
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Re: Query on wifi speeds

I assume the PS5 has an Ethernet port?

If it has, and you cannot run an Ethernet cable to it, then Powerline adapters are more likely to give you a better connection speed than wireless.




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Re: Query on wifi speeds

With it being a new build it would be worth double-checking the cupboard the router is in for a small patch panel that provides ethernet to other rooms. If it's present that would solve the issue for the PS5, assuming that there's also an ethernet socket in that room.

By all means try a powerline adapter but you won't get anywhere near the rated speeds on the box. I review of those TP-Link AV1000 adapters showed a connection of around 350Mb when they were side-by-side. That dropped to half that over distance. Develo have some rated at 2400Mb but again, will probably get nowhere near that. There are many factors that affect them, so only testing in your environment will give an actual figure.

If there's no patch panel it may be worth approaching the developer to see if they can put you in touch with their installer. It may be possible to run an ethernet cable to the PS5 internally, or from the ONT to a more central location for the router.

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