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SH2 with Asus router

I have an Asus RT AX86U router connecting to BTs VDSL via an old ECI Openreach modem.   The router therefore handles all of the PPoE (WAN) setup, NAT, wireless etc.  

I would like to switch to using my Smarthub 2, but I know it cannot act as a VDSL modem alone, and I don't want to have double NAT.   Therefore I want my ASUS router to pass all DHCP requests to it's WAN uplink (to the SH2) including for its own management interface.

The reason to do this is because the SH2 appears to provide better uplink bandwidth (about 6Gb/s) than my Openreach modem (5Gb/s).

Does anyone have a similar setup?  And, if so, are there downsides?  For example, would I lose some of the firewalling ir QoS functions of the Asus router in this model?

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Re: SH2 with Asus router

I'm struggling to understand how you are intending to connect and configure the devices. Unless you configure the ASUS as purely a wireless access point rather than a router and connect to the SH2 LAN port to LAN port, you will be double natting.

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Re: SH2 with Asus router

Thanks!  I will try your technique, using layer 2 only and configuring as an AP with LAN uplink.  

My only concern is whether QoS won't work then; if it assumes use of a WAN uplink rather than the L3 gateway being  reachable via another LAN port.  We'll see.




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