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SH2 with ethernet connection to garden room


I've decided to move from Virgin to BT, but would really appreciate some clarification on extending the SH2 coverage.

The Complete Wifi disks seem a simple solution within my house, which is a long narrow Victorian semi.

However, I have a garden room with wired ethernet connection which is 40M from the SH2 location.

Ideally, I'd like to use a black disc via ethernet in the garden room. I've seen lots of opinions on whether this can work  in the forums, ranging from definitely not, to yes it will work, but backhaul isn't supported. So its's confusing. I have a suspicion that those who get it to work are unwittingly relying on a wifi signal in addition to the ethernet connection. My room is too far away for this to be the case.

To simplify:

1). Can I use a black complete wifi disk to extend the range of the network with ethernet backhaul?

2) If not, can I use my existing airport express via ethernet backhaul with the SH2 AND have complete wifi disks in my house?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: SH2 with ethernet connection to garden room

Yes to both questions

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Re: SH2 with ethernet connection to garden room

Thank you.

I can't be the only user with ethernet to an outbuilding or other part of the house. I'm surprised BT don't promote this feature.

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