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Setting up a mesh network

I just upgraded to FTTP, and the new connection is in a completely different part of the house. The Smart Hub 2 used to be quite central, and I'd still have speed issues (something to do with the house) but with this new location coverage on the other side of the house is abysmal. I mean I'm getting a dodgy 30-40mpbs when the connection is 500.

I don't want to pay the big bucks for Complete WiFi, but reading the forums it seems I could set up a mesh by buying the equipment myself.

There's a comment on this thread:

saying "As you already have the Smart Hub 2, why don't you purchase some BT Complete Wifi discs to create a wireless mesh system. BT sell them for £99 each or you can get them on eBay as I did for around £50 each."

This sounds like just the ticket, but I'm getting confused about the differences between the names of all these mesh products. There's "Complete WiFi" and "Whole Home WiFi" and whatever else.

The BT store stocks this: which looks like a steal, but is it definitely the right thing that I need to set up a mesh network specifically with the Smart Hub 2?

Thanks all in advance!

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Re: Setting up a mesh network

There are basically 2 different mesh systems supplied by BT, with variations of one of them.

The black Complete WiFi discs can only be used with the Smart Hub2 and form a complete mesh of both the discs and the SH2.

The white Whole Home discs of various flavours can be used with any router including the SH2 but do not form a mesh with the router, just between discs.

You can therefore either turn off the WiFi on the SH2 and just have one wireless network (SSID) or have 2 wireless networks if you opt for the Whole Home discs.

Alternatively, you could buy third party kit which may be cheaper. That would behave in a similar fashion to the Whole Home discs.


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Re: Setting up a mesh network


Here is another option

About £98 for three nodes, one of which has to be wired to an Ethernet port on the home hub.


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Re: Setting up a mesh network

Thanks, so does that mean using the white discs (that I linked to) would mean they have a separate SSID from the Hub? What I really want is something where there is a single SSID with strong signal everywhere, and no devices getting confused between connection points. Does this mean my only option is the black Complete WiFi setup?

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Re: Setting up a mesh network

Ah I think I'm getting it now - if I had the white discs, I could use their mesh network throughout the house, and have one disc where the Hub is, and that would provide wifi in that location? So a single SSID throughout, but nothing connects to the Hub itself, only to the discs?
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Re: Setting up a mesh network


But I really wouldn't get hung up on the separate SSID thing, its no big deal.

I use discrete waps rather than a mesh and have given everything different SSIDs, that way I know where I am connected to and can force a change if I want to rather than giving them all the same SSID

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Re: Setting up a mesh network

Yeah it's not horrendous to switch SSIDs of course. The biggest use case is if I move around the house with my phone I don't want to change wifi networks, I just want strong coverage throughout. Sounds like I can try a mesh with those refurbed white discs though, I'll probably start there. Plus I'd get 3 meaning I could set up 2 more points, which is a bonus. Thanks for the quick responses.
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Re: Setting up a mesh network

Just a word of caution, I don't think you can mix and match the various flavours of Whole Home discs, so once decided on a particular type, you need to stick with it for any further additions.

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Re: Setting up a mesh network

Thanks. If 3 of these discs don't cut it in our not-huge house, I'll cry. I'm literally just trying to cover an aerial distance of like 6m tops. Fingers crossed!
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Re: Setting up a mesh network

Don't know what you're expectations are but bear in mind these discs will not get nowhere near the 500mb of your connection.

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