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Slow Wi-Fi - Keep having to shut and restart connection

I have the Full Fibre 500 with Halo 3 package and the speed to the hub and to ethernet connected devices is higher than 500 mbps.

My wi-fi devices have until recently an acceptable speed of 200+.  I have just experience a very slow speed on a HP laptop of 13 mbps and in the same room on an old MacBook Pro 13" a speed of 310 mbps which to my wife's annoyance. I closed he wifi connection on the HP and reconnected and the speed was back up to 300.

The other day I made contact with BT and it was confirmed the reading to the hub was 511.  The agent then did something along the lines of a 'wifi reset' at the hub remotely and my problem disappeared.  He is ringing back tonight to see how things are but my feeling is something is badly wrong with the hub as I never had such a problem.  The only new wifi device is an Apple Watch.

I will obviously inform the agent that things are not right but I was wondering two things.

1. Has this problem been reported before?

2. Can the wifi reset action be performed by me?  When this was actioned the router remained switched on so it wasn't the normal reboot action.




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Re: Slow Wi-Fi - Keep having to shut and restart connection

Hi @G8ZIG Thanks for posting, wifi can be affected by many things outside of our control, as it's a radio signal interference on the channel can cause problems. I doubt there are any serious problems with your Hub.

You can rescan or refresh the wifi channels yourself from the Hub settings by following the guidance on this link



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