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Smart Hub 2 Slow speed issues whilst downloading video files

Hi there 

I seemed to have identified a Smart Hub 2 issue that BT doesn’t want to resolve by getting the Smart Hub 2 manufacturer involved. 
All connections, line tests and ports have been checked by both BT network engineers and Tech engineers. 
issue is, whilst download from iCloud and uploading the file to my NAS on a WAN port of the router, the speed of the VDSL slows to single figures from 80Mb. 
it’s been identified as a security issue that only the manufacturer can resolve. 
move the router back to a smart hub 1 the issue isn’t as bad. Move back to smart hub 2, line speed drops from 70mb down to <10mb. It has been alleged to be the security checks in the firewall that is causing the slowing, during large file downloads. How do we resolve this?

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