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Smart Hub Compromised ?

Hi, appreciate any help/guidance. Wondering if my Smart Hub 2 has been compromised.......  bit of a slowdown in speed over last few days,  Google DNS issue on certain devices after a dropout,,,,,but mainly because  I know the routers details have been compromised due to theft of my mobile phone that had a photo of the details and the changed password . can i ascertain if hacked and what should I do ?

Are there any settings I should check, I'm no expert by a long chalk.  Had a quick look in the router logs for when we first noticed issue ... big gap in data from 1pm on day in question to 20:00 .  From then in quite regular entries about "DOS spoofing"  and DOS Port scanning. Of which, I know nothing. But never seen before. 

Assuming if router has been hacked that potentially devices  ( desktop / Phones / Ipad ) could be compromised too. 

Really grateful for any help /guidance, that could help me check or recover matters.  Many thanks 

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Re: Smart Hub Compromised ?

I would be extremely surprised if your hub has been 'hacked'. It cannot be accessed externally so anybody intending to use the hub would either need to be physically connected to it with an Ethernet cable or close enough to access your WiFi.

Simply change both admin and WiFi passwords.

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Re: Smart Hub Compromised ?

Thanks @licquorice , what if someone has all details from the router - password etc , can they not gain remote access?  Are there any particular settings i should check such as  Primary/Secondary DNS / Gateways etc ? 

Any way of knowing if traffic is being re-directed.


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Re: Smart Hub Compromised ?

As stated, the hub cannot be accessed remotely.