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Smart hub 2. Fibre 100 with Halo 3. Wifi problems.

So, I got fibre to the property connected with the BT phone with Alexa connected to Hub through WPS. Copper wiring has been removed. I have had the smarthub 2 since 2019 pre fibre install.

The input to Hub is amazing but that's where it stops. The problem is the WiFi seems very inconsistent. It seems the printer that is furthest away in the conservatory has the best signal on the 2.4ghz but both the PlayStation 4 and LG TV can't even connect to the WiFi in the same room as the Hub. I do the WiFi test standing beside the hub and it says it's poor. I have a WiFi disc upstairs that connects but also poor when I try the signal test. Even my phone says it's only getting 6mbps. Before I upgraded I was getting 56mbps to the PlayStation. Is there anything I can do to settings or should I buy a separate router and is there any recommendations on what else I could do?


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Re: Smart hub 2. Fibre 100 with Halo 3. Wifi problems.

I have turned on the port clamping in the VPN setting and this has allowed the PlayStation and TV to connect but still half the speed they were getting before Fibre which is a massive disapointment. So unless I run an ethernet cable to everything in the house I'm never going to benefit from the fibre upgrade. 

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