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Some Android phone apps suddenly not working over BT broadband

Up until 5 days ago everything has been fine with my broadband. However around 5 days ago I noticed that some apps on my phone weren't connecting/loading up. 

I can watch YouTube via the app, use my banking app, Facebook, and other video streaming apps. But a lot of others just don't load, they'll open but I'm just met with a screen with a swirling loading circle. The circle will swirl for as long as I'm connected to WiFi via my hub. As soon as I turn the WiFi off, everything loads immediately... 

The same is happening with my Samsung Tab and a Google pixel 7a phone (my current phone is a Samsung s22)

I have tried using other WiFi, both at work and friends houses and everything is working fine.

I currently have a smart hub 

Other devices work fine (PS5, smart TV's, Alexa, smart bulbs and plugs) 

I had a look around online and tried various things. I've powered off the hub, reset the hub with the reset button on the back, I've reset network settings on my devices, I've turned off BT Web Protect and nothing has worked. 

Does anyone have any tips? 

I tried calling when I had some time off from work but didn't get through to anyone as they had closed. I'll try calling again later in the week on my next day off.


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