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Streaming to Twitch results in almost 100% dropped frames

Hi folks.

I have recently started streaming to Twitch (hosting, not watching) using Streamlabs OBS.

I monitored my recent streams and saw that I had been dropping anywhere between 50% and 100% of frames over the previous two minutes (consistently). I used the Twitch Inspector tool to run an audit on it, and the main culprit came back as the following:

"This stream has relatively stable, but very low, bandwidth. Either the broadcaster’s machine does not have enough CPU power for your encoder to compress video, or there is a network problem (e.g., there is not enough bandwidth, the ISP is throttling, or something is wrong in the network path to Twitch). In this graph, bitrate is quite low, so the broadcaster’s connection probably was throttled back. To resolve this, switch to a different Twitch server, check that no other network process is using bandwidth, or contact your ISP for network diagnostics."

Hardware isn't the issue as my CPU usage isn't even hitting 10% capacity in most cases. Worth noting that I am running a wired connection directly to the router.

I had an OpenReach engineer come out today and he ran some diagnostics which came back all fine, but wasn't able to find any issues. Whilst very helpful, he was only really able to tell me that my download and upload speeds were as expected (roughly 80/25).

Has anyone experienced this, and if so, is there anything I can do?

Appreciate any feedback.


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Re: Streaming to Twitch results in almost 100% dropped frames

Sorry for the bump but this is like me, I have the speed to stream but this year they are throttling me or something like mad!

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