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Sudden Ping Spikes

Suddenly Last month I was playing a game and my ping spiked to 1000ms  for 25 mins  (it is usually 30-15ms)

Since that day it has been like this for many weeks rendering any online game completely useless because of lag spikes, when I log on it works at 30ms for maybe 10-15 mins but then spikes to 1000ms for 30-20 mins making games useless, it was not like this before and this has never happened to me i have changed all my network adapter settings as well as other members of my family say the connection speed is dropping even though it is at a stable 45mbps,

I just want to be able to play games like Overwatch 2, Apex Legends , Warzone

Please Help

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Re: Sudden Ping Spikes

Do you have a telephone on the line supplying  your BB - if so have you carried out a quiet line test on the line? Use a corded phone rather than Dect one if possible.

What sort of router are you using & have you tried resetting the router?

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