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I have an issue which I hope someone can help with.

I currently have FTTC broadband with BT.

Today I upgraded to full fibre, partly as I have a requirement to have a stable internet connection with no outages. I currently have a UPS connected to my router and PC's to prevent any unplanned outages from power cuts / trips.

I planned on moving the new hub upstairs and connecting it to the modem (in the hall) via Cat 6 cable. It can then stay connected to my UPS, as my current router currently is.

I didn't realise at the time of upgrade that the modem in the hall will also need power. Therefore if there is a power failure / trip, I imagine that the connection will drop, thus making the UPS connected to the hub useless for this purpose.

So, a couple of questions:

In the event of power failure, does the battery backup on the modem activate quickly enough to prevent any disconnection at all, in the way a UPS does, or does it take a second or two to kick in ?

If I contact BT and they will not now provide a battery back up unit, are they available to buy, and are they specific to a particular make of modem (I believe that BT use more than one manufacturer) ?


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Re: UPS and FTTP

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BT can supply a bbu for the ont at a cost to yourself
I believe the one they use will only last an hour. If you have a ups set up already you could have it plugged into that .
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Re: UPS and FTTP

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there is no battery back up on your ONT so if power cut then no internet

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Re: UPS and FTTP

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I appreciate that it is very late but BT will sell you a UPS solution for the ONT:  Cyberpower Back-up for BT Digital Voice service (FTTP)

See also this thread:



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