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Unable to Connect Broadband in Property


On 27 September 2021 I ordered a broadband package with BT, however I have had ongoing issues having it installed as Openreach have said more work on my property is needed before they can activate my services. I live in a 10 year old multi-dwelling unit (MDU) and essentially Openreach cannot run cabling through the MDU to my property without works being carried out. Openreach are not providing BT with any updates and I want to find out if there are any other Wi-Fi alternatives I could explore in this type of property as I have been living off a 4G mini hub since October which is simply no longer fit for purpose?! 

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: Unable to Connect Broadband in Property

Does your address show as having Openreach FTTP available , obviously modern MDU’s may not be simple to provide  FTTP into, when the building was under construction, the developer installed ordinary internal copper wire distribution into each flat, and Openreach put an external copper cable into the building utility area,  where the individual cables to the individual flats are connected to the external cable…..providing FTTP retrospectively into the flats needs an individual optical cable to each flat , and that may be extremely difficult to provide , requiring optical cables to be run through common parts of the building that need permission from the building owner , management company , freeholder etc, not just the individual flat owner , for that reason , MDU’s generally don’t get ‘appointments’ unless all that is place.

If it were the sort of MDU that was a large house converted into flats , where the individual flats can be served from a telegraph pole outside, those can be treated as standard overhead provides .

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