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Using a USB ADSL modem (not router) when changed to BT Voice?

Dear BT community, hope you can advise me? My broadband is on a third-party legacy package dating to pre-2009.

It's delivered to my desktop PC via USB which goes to a Thompson Speedtouch 330 USB ADSL modem (not router: modem only) which then goes through an RJ11 cable, plugs into a small adaptor (this adaptor is also a splitter which permits a wired landline telephone to be plugged in) and that adaptor/splitter converts the RJ11 to a standard BT plug, which goes into the BT wall socket. I believe that's a fixed BT Master Socket front LJ 2/1A (based on Wikipedia). This wall socket was here when I moved in nearly 20 years ago.

The speeds and service are more than enough for my needs, and the package is good value. There's no wireless or wi-fi involved anywhere in the setup, and no router. Last time I ran into a problem (several years ago), my ISP indicated that I'm on my own resolving tech issues, and maintaining hardware and software, for as long as I retain this legacy package, because the only help they can give me would require moving to 4G or fibre broadband, and therefore have to change the price plan, which would significantly increase costs, something I can't afford to do.

Can anyone please advise me whether this USB ADSL modem -> RJ11 -> adaptor -> standard BT plug setup, which is currently plugged into the wall socket, will work plugged into the socket for a wired landline telephone, when my area and my BT landline service is changed to BT Voice?

I can manage without using using a landline telephone at the same time as being online, it's the ADSL modem & related broadband package I wish to retain.

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Re: Using a USB ADSL modem (not router) when changed to BT Voice?


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

Who is your ISP ?


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Re: Using a USB ADSL modem (not router) when changed to BT Voice?

Thanks for the reply! At risk of being awkward (and with due apologies), I'd rather not say at the moment, it feels inappropriate naming them in this context since they have, as I said, made it clear they're not able to assist with technical issues around connectivity unless I upgrade my entire package.

I understand this and fully accept their reasons as valid, and that the best support they could give me would be a tech upgrade, but this would mean new T&Cs and a new contract. That costs a lot more, so I do very much want to hang onto what I have, if possible. So my question relates to what the BT Landline change from copper wiring to BT Voice permits in terms of still using ADSL connectivity.

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Re: Using a USB ADSL modem (not router) when changed to BT Voice?


This forum can only help if you are a BT Retail Broadband Customer.

If you are with another ISP, then you need to post on their user forum.

The closing of the analogue PSTN phone network affects all providers, so if you want to retain a phone service, then you would need to agree to whatever equipment your ISP provides.

This would not affect any existing contract if you were a BT Retail customer, but your own ISP may be different.


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Re: Using a USB ADSL modem (not router) when changed to BT Voice?

I understand, however the landline is provided by BT, and I am able to use ADSL connectivity through that right now. If I didn't pay my BT bill, my landline would be cut off and that would mean the ADSL connection wouldn't work. My ISP can't influence how a change to BT Voice equipment would affect the possibility of making an ADSL connection.

So BT is the first service I need in order to use the ADSL modem. therefore my question is whether a BT Voice base unit (if that's the correct term?) can have an ADSL modem plugged into its telephone socket, in the same manner as the current BT master socket in the wall with old style copper wire.

(I could be in the wrong sub-forum on here however, for which, again, apologies?)

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Re: Using a USB ADSL modem (not router) when changed to BT Voice?

If you have separate broadband and phone packages, this is a very expensive way of doing things, and will not be possible in the future, and has not been possible for some time now, as broadband packages include any line rental.

If you wish to retain your phone service after 2025, you will  either have to move your broadband to BT Retail, and BT will supply a BT Smart Hub 2, or keep your broadband with your current ISP, and accept whatever equipment they send.

You could of course get broadband only, if you do not want a phone service, or you could move your number to a third party VOIP provider, but that would need a router.

This is out of the scope for this BT Retail Customer to Customer forum, so you are going to have to discuss this with your current ISP.

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Re: Using a USB ADSL modem (not router) when changed to BT Voice?

I've already verified that my current setup is much less expensive than a combined landline & broadband setup, given the legacy contract I have.

Based on my research this morning, it seems some ISP forums refer people with this same question back to - BT. 🤣

I do appreciate your time, and that my question is outside the norm, although I am a BT Retail customer for landline, and it's the changes being implemented by BT which are the cause of the problem.

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Re: Using a USB ADSL modem (not router) when changed to BT Voice?

It is quite simple. If you wish to have BT Digital Voice, you HAVE to use the BT Smart Hub2 for broadband and voice.

Your current setup will not work

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Re: Using a USB ADSL modem (not router) when changed to BT Voice?

You could keep your broadband over copper, but there would be no phone equipment on the end once the PSTN closes, so you would have to arrange something with your ISP, their equivalent to BT Digital Voice.

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Re: Using a USB ADSL modem (not router) when changed to BT Voice?

Thank you for the replies.  @licquorice  you wrote:

"If you wish to have BT Digital Voice"

As far as I know I get no say in the matter (I don't mean that sarcastically, just a statement of fact).

May I impose upon your patience with one more question? Do third party DECT-compatible modem/routers work through BT Digital Voice base units, which otherwise only supply the new version of landline telephone coneection?

If I can find a modem/router which works through the BT Voice equipment, then I may be able to retain the contract I have with my ISP for a while longer. A very big "if" indeed, but given the costs over time, one worth pursuing.

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