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Very Consistent Ping spikes every 2 Minutes

At the beginning of the year I started getting frequent lag spikes when playing games online ( CSGO, DotA2, Rocket League etc ) but not had chance to chase this due to a recent child.

From the ping plotter below ( pinging google every 1 second ) it is strangely consistent where I will often get a spike  up to 1000ms every 2 minutes exactly for a number of seconds which renders the above games unplayable. Download speed never noticeably drops during this period and have no issues with streaming / downloading files


( This image is actually from when I was trying while connected to a VPN based in a nearby location - this actually reduced the peak of the spikes down from 1k to 700ms on average )

I currently use a Smart Hub 2 & I have attempted the following to try and isolate the issue:

- Removed all powerline adapters and use a direct Ethernet connection

- Installed fresh copy of windows on a different drive

- Tried the above ping plotter test on Mac OS laptop to same result

- Had a new Smart Hub 2 sent out

-Turned off wireless on the router so this machine was only one connected to network


Trying to ignore most of the buzzwords around latency such as Bufferbloat but this following test seems to indicate a massive increase in latency during sustained upload

(The same results for the above test was achieved on a Direct wired desktop, WiFi Laptop & a smartphone connected by Wifi )


Any help would be much appreciated as I am almost at the end of my tether!







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Re: Very Consistent Ping spikes every 2 Minutes


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Re: Very Consistent Ping spikes every 2 Minutes

I think you will find that replies aren't compulsory, if anybody has anything to say they will say it.

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