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What's a realistic Wi-Fi speed for 150 Mbps fibre connection

Hi there,

I recently upgraded to 150 Mbps full fibre broadband. I took advantage of an offer on Amazon for 4 BT mini discs as I had some coverage gaps in our three level town house. We decided to locate the router in the garage because of where the duct for the existing copper cable was - previously the router was in the lounge in the middle floor.

I've now installed all four discs - one hardwired to the router, one in the kitchen, one in the sitting room and one in a bedroom on the top floor.

I'm using the app on an iPhone to check speeds and even located right next to a disc, I'm struggling to get close to 100 Mbps on any floor. I've switched off wi-fi on the router to see if that helped but it made little difference. 

I located the discs using the BT app, and all are in excellent locations apart from the kitchen which is good even though its only feet from the garage. 

I've also noticed that the connection on the phone is not switching to the strongest disc - ie if I'm in the lounge its still  connected to the kitchen one. I believed that meshed wi-fi solved that roaming problem that you had with older must-ssid systems. 

Looking for any advice or insights that might help me understand if getting 2/3 rds of the speed is normal, and if roaming is still problematic with mesh wi-fi.



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Re: What's a realistic Wi-Fi speed for 150 Mbps fibre connection

WiFi speeds are all dependant on the device as there are so many hardware variables that can affect WiFi speeds.  I get around 120mbps on a Pixel 4a but my wife's laptop only gets 3mbps on it's internal WiFi card but 30mbps using a dongle. Her laptop is monumentally pants though!!

PS5 gets around 100mbps on WiFi and our Roku's connect between 80-90mbps...

100mbps is pretty good as long as it's stable.

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Re: What's a realistic Wi-Fi speed for 150 Mbps fibre connection

Using a Netgear Orbi mesh with an iPhone 8 and app I consistently get 120 Mbps all around the house.

Latency 7/8 ms.

My package is BT FTTP 100. Which has 150Mbps max dl.

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Re: What's a realistic Wi-Fi speed for 150 Mbps fibre connection

Hi there, thanks for the reply. It's been pretty stable so far - had a few dropouts the first week or so but nothing since then.

Would you advise switching the wifi on the router off or on? I've set the discs to have the same SSID as the router as I couldn't face the hassle of updating all of the devices's wi-fi settings for the second time in two weeks.

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