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What stand alone modem should I buy for my system?

After a couple of years of struggling with free equipment provided by the ISP I've sworn to myself that I'm going third-party only from now on. I've replaced the Wifi disks with the TP Link Deco P9 whole home system which uses wifi mesh and power line LAN. It's perfect for an old house with think walls.

The only weak link now is the modem/ router itself. I don't want one device that tries to do everything, I want a dedicated modem that just does one task well that I can plug into TP Link system but I'm really struggling to find anything that isn't also a router.

Does anyone have ideas?

I have BT Fibre 2 with speeds of up 70mbps.

It would be nice to have a bit of future-proofing just in case full fibre gets here within the lifetime of the device. Although Openreach currently has no plans. 

Thank you!

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Re: What stand alone modem should I buy for my system?

Openreach Huawei HG 612 from eBay

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