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Wifi performance terrible after upgrade to Fibre 500

We recently upgraded from FTTC to full fibre 500 and are seeing great performance when working close to the hub (circa 500Mb down and 80Mb up). The issue is the wifi which is now almost unworkable in my study upstairs. I have been working here happily all over the various lockdowns regulary seeing anywhere between 30-60Mb via the wifi on my old FTTC. We had an extender disc added upstairs at the start of lockdown1 to help deliver this. However, since upgrading to FTTP the wifi performance upstairs has fallen off a cliff. I am getting 5Mb down and 7Mb up via the wifi in my study making it impossible to work via TEAMS etc. We are still on the same BT hub as before with the engineer only adding a fibre module to terminate the new service on so no hardware has been swapped out.

When I work in the lounge where the hub is located I can get anywhere up to 500Mb via the wifi so it is not my laptop but purely the wifi range the hub and disc are delivering. 

We do not have any new electrical devices in the house that could be interfering with the signal either. 

I have already wasted an hour of my life speaking to an Indian Call Centre who just repeated to me that they are seeing good performance at the router to nothing to do with them. I feel cheated by BT on this and left in the lurch.


I spent an hour on the phone 

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Re: Wifi performance terrible after upgrade to Fibre 500

Upgrading should have no effect what so ever on the wireless signal, other than a speed increase, that is being transmitted by the BT hub and that would appear to be as expected when you are close to the hub.

Given that you have not changed the hub or the disc it would appear to be a problem between the disc and the hub which may have been caused when the hub was disconnected during your upgrade.

Have you tried a factory reset of the Smarthub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds.

If that doesn't help I would reset and reconnect the disc to the hub. 

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