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connecting problems with sonos speakers

After last smarthub2 update, i constantly have problems with connecting with my sonos speakers. No matter what i do, they don't want to connect. it is last year situation all over again. 

Anyone else have similar issues? 

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Re: connecting problems with sonos speakers

Hi. I have 4 Sonos speakers connected wirelessly, i have the hub and 4 BT discs and all are usually stable. I use an iPhone to run the Sonos app on.

What upsets the apple cart is when i leave the house taking the iPhone out of wi-fi range. When i return I then often cannot see the speakers in the Sonos app BUT in MyBT all are connected to the hub as is the phone. Rebooting the offending speakers is then the only option. 

I have noted that if i have my TP Tapo wifi plugs near the speakers the Sonos speakers also struggle to connect - they need ~18".

The software update doesn't seem to have made this any better/worse.  Tim

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Re: connecting problems with sonos speakers

I too have had intermittent problems with connection to Sonos speakers since I upgrade to Total Broadband.  My solution was to disconnect the Complete Wi-Fi discs..   This solved the problem. It seems the discs cause issues, perhaps BT can comment on this technical issue.    I found it better to put up with weaker Wi-Fi signal in one area rather than have Sonos issues due to BT Wi-Fi discs.

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