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home hub with apple router

Hello everyone,

I had hoped not to need to come here but I'm stumped. I've spent 3 days trying to make my new set up work (as I need to plug digital voice into smart hub). I need to understand the settings to use in the smart hub in the simplest way possible (as close to being a modem as settings permit) as I use the apple router for network/wifi/backups/guests etc.

set up now

I'm FTTC - dsl cable into into huewei modem > then from Lan1 into apple time capsule WAN port > a couple of wifi extenders dotted around . Simple and I'm really happy with that set up.

desired set up going fwd

smart hub (with DV attached ) > apple time capsule > extenders as before

(I want the apple device to do all the wifi/guest stuff as before)


I'm really confused about settings around WAN/LAN/IP/DHCP/PPPOE etc and I got myself into a right mess so I've reset back to current set up.

Has anyone got an idiots guide to the settings to make it all work...and I do mean an idiots guide.

Thanks for any steer.

pre work - I've switched off the wifi AND that 'DHCP option' in the smart hub already. 

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Re: home hub with apple router

I'm not familiar with Apple products so can only give principles.

Give the Apple device WAN an address of, Gateway Set the WAN to Static IP. Set the the Apple sub network to 192.168.2.XXX

Put in the DMZ of the SH2

Turn off WiFi and DHCP on Hub although it isn't really necessary to turn off DHCP as you won't have any devices trying to connect to it.

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Re: home hub with apple router

Thanks Liquorice, gonna try this once the family gone to bed 

follow on question : when you say "Set the the Apple sub network to 192.168.2.XXX" does the XXX indicate any 3 digit number upto 255?


thanked for coming back. Appreciated.

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Re: home hub with apple router

Yes, the Apple DHCP server needs to allocate addresses to devices in that range.

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