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one more BT Hub

Can I add another BT Hub?

We've recently upgraded to Fibre Halo 2 but have a problem connecting with our new Doorbell 3 when the hub is in certain positions upstairs.

The WiFi on my Mac has failed and I have to use an ethernet cable from my Hub. The phone socket, hub and Mac are in the same room and it all works fine.

My Doorbell 3 is a floor below, at some distance, and WiFi signal to this item is attenuated by intervening wall/floors. It works when I've relocated the hub downstairs closer to the Doorbell, and I've maintained my computer ethernet connection through BT's 600 broadband extender. It works OK but I think it's frustratingly slow at times





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Re: one more BT Hub


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

You cannot add another hub, but you can add a wireless access point.

The TP Link TL-WA801N costs about £22 and only transmits 2.4GHz which is ideal for things like doorbells and other smart devices.


You would need to use the BT 600 broadband extender to link the home hub with the wireless access point, which would be located near the doorbell. You connect the wireless access point to an Ethernet port on the BT 600.



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Re: one more BT Hub

If you can run ethernet close to the doorbell then you can either repurpose an old router as a WAP (WiFi Access Point) or buy a proper WAP. Although a USB WiFi adapter for the Mac & relocating the Hub might be cheaper if it's only the doorbell that's struggling.

Edit: @Keith_Beddoe beat me to it & of course as he says, you can use the Powerline adapters for the ethernet connection.

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