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App Feeds

Who is switching the feeds on BT Sport 2 during the game? The block keeps changing from solid to a missing-circle block and it's causing constant quality crashing!! The current PQ is a shambles and is now out of sync.

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Re: App Feeds

To follow this up, the sync corrected after about 40 or so seconds, but the crashing of quality then carried on after whoever was switching the feeds had stopped.

The switching would cause a freeze in the video stream, the audio continued and the picture would jump to where the new feed had begun, and on one of these occasions, it was OOS just as Dortmund were taking a freekick that went over the bar skimming the net, plus the commentary getting all excited while on the pitch, nothing was happening action-wise. A very odd time to be doing that.....

@DarrenDevany insights?

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Re: App Feeds

I can confirm that we had a service issue on our primary origin (solid DOG), causing failover to the backup (circle in DOG).  This was also experiencing the same issue though, so service was switched back to primary.

As the origins aren't synchronised between them (intentionally), this can cause some players to fail to re-sync the audio and video streams.  Failover is only done when essential, so this isn't normally an issue.

The cause of the service issues is still being investigated - most likely something in the CDNs, which resulted in our origins being hammered beyond capacity.

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Re: App Feeds

Thanks alot for the update, its appreciated

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