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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

'Editors choice'... the editor needs firing

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Re: UFC 287 Disaster

where the hell is the full event? They recently increased the monthly subscription fee and then screw up 2 events in a row, this is an absolute joke, i just cancelled my BT sport sub, pathetic service
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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

But you've managed to upload highlight videos no problem?

Just some transparency would be appreciated. Is BT planning on uploading full card replays morning after. Or ..

Is the new idea to upload highlights then the full call later in week? Or..

Upload all the card whenever expect the main event which you'll... You know what this is pointless. 


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Where the hell has the full fight replay gone?! It didn’t work so instead of fixing it, they just remove it and now all the spoilers are up on the app?


Genuinely fuming as now I know the winners and not able to watch the full replay that I pay for.


is there a fix yet?!

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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

This isn't a one off fluke, BT have completely screwed up twice in a row now, you guys upped the monthly subscription fee a few months back and now butcher the service, how is that even remotely acceptable?

Anyway i've cancelled this trash, no way am I paying £30 a month for a pathetic service such as this.
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Re: Error vc526 but only when watching UFC 287

you can't actually sign up for ESPN+ in the UK even with a VPN, i've tried and the payment does not go through, whether using card or paypal, you need a US address listed.

The only option is to look "elsewhere" or sign up for UFC fight pass for £6.99 a month and wait a few days until the full event is uploaded there.

That's what i'm doing anyway, not paying for this *beep* from BT anymore, UFC needs to dump BT and partner with Sky sports or something, BT doesn't deserve this exclusivity when they charge so much and can't even provide an acceptable service to customers.
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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

Thanks for the update. Obviously this is an unacceptable level of service from BT following on from previous issues on UFC streams. What is the proposal to compensate paying customers for these issues, or alternatively what are the channels to raise complaints as I am not happy to have paid for the service I have received?
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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

ironic there's a "5 reasons to watch" ufc 287 video..... but no UFC 287. 

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Re: UFC 287 Disaster

the full event was up this morning. I tried to watch around 7am... then the issue started with buffering. Soon after they took down the enhanced player and then eventually the whole event. They added the main event for now and I guess we just have to wait for the rest to be added. Like having your Cake now, come back tomorrow for the starters and Tuesday you can have the main course.
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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

No, what is the issue, exactly ? It happens way too often. You have fundamentally ruined this event and many more - we don’t want excuses. We want a competent service .  The next uk card should be free as a good will jester for example. 

Awful and just not on . We need a statement about the issue . Not spoilers. the Jon jones fight was exactly the same experience. Why??