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BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

5th UFC event in a row where the playback continually fails on replay mode, it makes you wonder what service you are paying for and whether your money is better spent with ESPN+ or UFC fight pass. 

Can someone please explain the nature of the issue and what improvements are being made to ensure that your customers money is not being wasted?


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Re: UFC 285 not working :/

@DarrenDev  the exact same thing is happening again on UFC 287 which was shown live last night. can you confirm it will be fixed asap?

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UFC 287

  • Same problem as ufc 285.. woke up to watch the event on the app.. it gets a few seconds into play back then shuts down and tells me it isn't available in my region.. so frustrating!! Just isn't available on the set top box.. I don't want to spend an entire day dodging social media because BT can't get their proverbial together!!
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Re: UFC 287

Yep sharing the same issue, its a joke they charge for this. BT are actually forcing people in the UK to search "elsewhere"  Trash app..  trash company.. this is a issue every event.. 😑 

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Re: UFC 285 not working :/

Yep! Exactly the same problem! Yet another day dodging social media so as to not hear the results... ridiculous

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Re: UFC 287

Yep, same here. Repeat of UFC 285! They also completely missed off the chito v sandhagen fight on the app as well. Absolute joke. Only reason I stay with BT is for the UFC. Internet is sh*te and so is the rest of the sports options. Time to look elsewhere 

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Re: UFC 287

I also rang the customer service department... spoke to a lady from Newcastle who transferred me to the 'appropriate department' which was actually a voicemail that said 'opening hours are Monday to Saturday'... triffic!

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Re: UFC 287

Exactly! Literally the ONLY reason is the ufc.. if they can't get this right then 100MBs with gigaclear seems awfully tempting..

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Re: UFC 287

Im a ex employee of the BT group so that doesnt suprise in anyway i think truely think the companys days are numbered, i will be cancelling my sub as it appears to be cheaper for me to get a VPN and buy ESPN+.  The last 5 events have been **bleep** and digging through the support pages this isnt a new thing. They are just a incompetent company. 

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Re: UFC 287

Yep having the same issue. Tried to play it through the BT Sport App on a PS5, an Xbox and through a Samsung TV and it either doesn't load or crashes after 5 seconds. Everything else on the app is working fine without an issue.  Of course this happens on one of the biggest cards of the year.