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Re: UFC 287 Disaster

UFC on BT sport, Woefully poor service for a premium price.. 

Where is the rest of the content I'm paying money for? 

Why is it not available?

Ridiculous. Absolutely outrageous . 



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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!



Even if BT told us this how they are now presenting the cards, Sunday highlights rest of the week release. We can then all cancel our subscriptions and be 30 quid better off

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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

It’s starting to get ridiculous now. 
I usually wake up around 6:30 to 7am (thank you toddler child) and in the past  the events are usually up and ready to watch with the enhanced player by 7-730am

the last few either simply haven’t appeared or popped up around then, won’t play for longer than 20 seconds and then disappear from the player 20 minutes later. 
1pm and 287 still isn’t up. The main event fight has been uploaded but by then the spoilers (both on and not on by sport) had ruined the outcome. 
Considering this is a paid service it’s pretty crazy that this issue has persisted for several weeks now. 

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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

The main card first loaded and was 6 hrs long. It didn’t work (of course), and then suddenly became 5:45 hrs long. 
I reckon that what happens is the main card finishes and then they munch about with the video, overdubbing the post fight interviews with fake crowd noise like they do, clipping it up into moronic segments, adding in a load of extra ads and adding in the dead air space with loads of pointless ufc and bt sport logos instead of showing all the ring walks and post fight activity in the ring. Useless production. It’s like this every event. They even cut off the main event on 286 and 286 isn’t available in history. 
Just cancelled my BT subscriptions. 

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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

Same issue here - the full event has now been taken down and only the main fight has been added. What makes it worse is spoilers have been added for the co-main. This is just not acceptable, I’ve been hyped about this card for months and this has completely ruined the whole event for me. Seriously considering cancelling BT as this is not the first time this has happened. 

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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

Quick note from me:
I'm currently on holiday so I'm not monitoring these forums or my emails. I did see the HUGE number of poor reviews in the Play Store last night though, as they come straight to my phone.

I haven't been told what last night's issue was yet, however it can't be the same issue as the previous event.

All I can provide is a little background information on why you're seeing the odd behaviour in the app (apologies for the lack of structure - there's only so much I can do on my phone):

The video feeds go in a number of different directions. One is a raw feed, which is sent to a team who are responsible for creating our clips and highlights. Another feed goes to our set top boxes. Another goes to our apps, which is processed into multiple different quality levels in many different formats, to work on all our different supported platforms. These streams can then be viewed either in standard player (direct to your devices) or in our enhanced player (provided by a 3rd party, where they manually add extra data to it, e.g. to separate the fights).

The enhanced player is least reliable and has poor error messages - "not available in your region". When an event goes wrong, the first thing we do is switch that off so that the more reliable standard player kicks in for everyone. When that doesn't work, we have to remove the event altogether and rely on the live channel (with no ability to pause or rewind the video) - this is when you then see it disappear from the app.
While the event is live, we save the stream that is going to the standard player. As soon as the event ends, that stored data becomes our replay - that's how replays are usually available in the app as soon they end.
If the standard player stream has failed for any reason, then we've also lost our ability to offer the replay. We can't get it back - if it's not stored when the event was live, then there won't be a replay. At this point, we then become reliant on the raw stream that was sent to the editors to create the highlights. We need to ask that team to manually create a longer highlight, which takes a few hours.

Someone asked why the error messages blame the internet connection - this is because that's that usual cause of issues. All the app knows is that it's trying to download the video, but it's failing to get a response (if it got a bad response, the standard player would show a better error message). This looks the same as when your internet connection has dropped out.

So that's where we are - the recording (which is all automated) has failed, so the normal replay can't be offered. Manual clips (or full fights) will be uploaded as soon as they become available from our editors (this was within hours after the previous failure).

As mentioned, I don't know the cause of the failure this time but it definitely won't be the same as last time. It's unfortunate that it's affected UFC again - just bad luck with events happening at a horrible time of night.

One of the mods may offer more information later. If not, I'll see if I can offer any more insight/assurance when I'm back on Apr 24th.
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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

Appreciate the explanation. For the money this company makes off subscription, its poor. Not your fault I appreciate that too. Please do the right thing and pass this up the chain. Alot of unhappy people here

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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

Thanks for the explanation but this still doesn't fill me with confidence that this issue won't keep happening, as there seems to be a theme lately of BT sport issues with UFC coverage.

BT sport need to get better at this, and provide UK customers with a service that provides the full fight replays first thing on Sunday morning. (Like it used to)

Also why are BT sport putting spoilers in the UFC part of the app? This has ruined it for me (as well as many others) as I now know the results anyway! 

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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

I’d expect this from some smaller streaming service, explanation or not, it’s too late for me. Having the one thing I want to watch on the service spoiled repeatedly, for an insanely inflated price, is just not worth it any more. 

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