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BT Sport via TV App vs Sky - surround sound?


I'm in the process of transferring Broadband from sky to BT. I have BT Sport on Sky box but will also move this to BT and watch via BT SPrt App (Android TV).

When I watch BT Sport I have a Dolby 5.1 surround signal (it's clearly a surround sound and my sonos app confirms the sound being played). On the BT App the sound is only 2.0 and it sounds terrible in comparison.

Is the only way to get the 5.1 sound to upgrade to BT Ultimate Sport, or is this just not possible via the app? I' m not able to add this yet so can't test for myself.

Need to decide in next week whether to stay with Sky for BT Sport or not...

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Re: BT Sport via TV App vs Sky - surround sound?

I can't find any info on the audio support for the Android TV version, hopefully @DarrenDev can assist you.

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Re: BT Sport via TV App vs Sky - surround sound?

You need a BT Sport Ultimate subscription to get 5.1 sound, and it's only on events that are shown on Ultimate.

The Android TV app does support 5.1 where the hardware advertises it as available, however it is unfortunately a little unreliable - sometimes the app will detect it's available, but then the player won't.

If you pay BT for your BT Sport on Sky access then you'll also be able to use the app at no additional cost. If you have Ultimate on Sky, you'll also have it in app.  Thus you have nothing to lose by staying with Sky.