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BT sport app: casting from iPad to chromecast with google TV

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An elderly relative enjoys watching BTSport, and had a Gen.1 chromecast. They would case from iPad to TV to watch.

A few weeks ago the chromecase failed (dead, wouldn't boot, despite cables etc).

I ordered the 'current' chromecast device, which is actually google TV with chromecast, expecting it to do all chromecast did - but also a lot more of course. Knowing that the latter would more likely be used by family/visitors.

We setup the device, and chromecast worked great for youtube & some other apps.

However with BTSport we cannot cast - just as the stream is about to start on the TV we see:


 Now, the app works fine on the new device (it's a decent little device)

HOWEVER for someone who may find using a new device/remote/small buttons harder, the loss of function from the iPad app is frustrating (and may mean either the chromecase or btsports subscription needs to go)

So... is this error intentional? Or is it related to the long-outstanding bug I found some reports of?
Is it no longer possible to chromecast to the latest generation of google devices?

Does this mean previous generation devices work? (we might need to get an old one)

Not a problem for me, but hard for those that are less adaptable to change.

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Re: BT sport app: casting from iPad to chromecast with google TV

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It's definitely not intentional. It's a bug with the virtual cast receiver on Android TV/ Google TV devices that prevents it from playing some of our content.

Unfortunately there's nothing we can do. That message is only shown when we've tried to play the video and it's failed with a specific error. If ever Google fix it, it'll start working automatically without us needing to do anything more.

One other option you have - you can install a virtual Android TV remote on your iPad, which may be easier to use.

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