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Can’t see TNT Channels on Discovery+ app

Hi, have activated Discovery+ through my BT account (I’m a BT TV Sport customer) however have tried a few Discovery+ apps today and not seeing TNT Sports just Eurosport channels in Sports/Schedule sections.  Apps with this issue are;

Now TV box app

Sky Q app

But interestingly on my iPhone app I do get TNT.

Although I am a BT TV subscriber, I don’t use box it’s off and buried in a cupboard not really got space for it.  For BT Sport I used Now TV 4K with BT Sport app which  worked very well with great picture when viewing Ultimate.

So to have tried the new Discovery+ app today and not having TNT on anything but my phone is a pretty poor start from TNT on their launch day doesn’t bode well for the future.

For now I have checked and can get TNT Sport channels using BT SPORT app still on my Now 4K box but assume this closes soon, so how do I get TNT channels via Discovery plus before then as not working yet, really expected TNT to have this all up and running and fully tested for launch.

Any help on how I can resolve much appreciated.

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Re: Can’t see TNT Channels on Discovery+ app

The BT Sport app will continue offering the channels for another 3 months - hopefully the discovery+ app on Sky platforms will have caught up by then. Unfortunately it's not something we can comment on, as we have no view of their app rollout plans on other platforms.
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Re: Can’t see TNT Channels on Discovery+ app

I'll add to this rather than record a separate issue - seeing similar issues whereby some devices can see the TNT channels and some can't.

I'm a BT TV VIP subscriber so my Pro Box is my main source for the sports channels, but my Roku streaming stick has always been by far the best option for 2nd room/visiting relatives etc.

TNT Sports channels all showing on Discovery + app on: 

Sony Bravia Android TV (as other users have suggested on the D+ app there's often a "judder" to the motion that I can't get rid of, the Roku handles it flawlessly by comparison)

Mobile phone (Android)

Amazon Firestick

But the Roku stick only shows Eurosport 1 & 2, and all the other Discovery stuff. It's like the TNT content is invisible. This is the case even if I log out of the app/reinstall etc suggesting it's a device issue

OP mentioned a Now TV Box which I believe is simply a rebadged Roku, so wondering if it's a device specific issue not related to my account credentials?

Interestingly the Roku was showing the TNT channels and content first thing yesterday but by the evening it had dropped off!

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Re: Can’t see TNT Channels on Discovery+ app

Thanks for the feedback, sounds like not account related as can get TNT on my iphone, so Now TV/Sky Q Discovery+ apps obviously not yet updated to show TNT, despite the articles suggesting available on these platforms, hopefully it gets resolved in coming days before TNT start showing any major events.

Happy if BT app still going but aware that has limited lifespan so be good to have confidence I have another way of viewing TNT on big screen without having to dustdown and find space for my old BT TV box, which is also non HDR hope that is available via Discovery+ as it is on BT Sport app.

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Re: Can’t see TNT Channels on Discovery+ app

If you don't use your BT TV box and only have a subscription for sport, then have you considered changing to a TNT Sports on Sky subscription instead? You'll then see the channels in your SkyQ TV guide, and not need to use the app.
(doesn't help with your Now TV device obviously)
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