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Monthly Pass On Samsung Smart TV

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Hi, I had BT Sport (and Broadband) on a contract and watched it on my Samsung Smart TV. 

I have now moved onto the Monthly Pass instead, which I can access on both my mobile and laptop however not on my TV, it shows an error code of SJ931, I have tried changing my password online but I still get the same error code.

I have called BT on 2 separate occasions, firstly I was informed it was a "Synchronisation" problem their end and that within 5 days it will be resolved (which it wasn't).

The second time I was informed I can only access Monthly Pass on a Smartphone or Laptop and its not accessible on my Samsung Smart TV, is this true?

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Re: Monthly Pass On Samsung Smart TV

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The monthly pass is for BT Sport. Error code SJ931 is from the BT TV app.

Install the BT Sport app on your Samsung TV and it should work fine.