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Re: BT Sport App Jerky/Stuttering Playback

Getting jerky/broken/stuttering play back but only when watching Eurosport via BT Broardband through the BT TV box. Every other channel is fine! I don't have the HD upgrade so it's not even working in the standard mode for me. I work at BSB and the only way to catch up is to watch when I get home, very disappointing.

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Re: Eurosport Jerky/Stuttering Playback

Hi @RustyVanDoor 

A couple of observations  .. 

You posted on a 2 year old thread about the BT Sport App on some mobile devices. So I will separate it out into its own thread.

However your issue seems to be when using the BT TV service on a BT TV (Youview) box.  The BT TV box does not have the BT Sport app rather it has  linear channels eg Eurosport 1   (412) and Eurosport 2    (413) which are delivered by multicast plus there is the BT Player app which has some Eurosport. 

Having BT Sport  which now includes the Eurosport channels on BT TV  would normally give you  access to both the BT TV app  which has the live channels , some Eurosport catchup  plus the Discovery plus App  which has  the live  Eurosport channels , some extra live streams and a more comprehensive catchup and replay.  So whilst you pursue the issues with the BT TV channels you do have alternative sources of the content.

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Re: Eurosport Jerky/Stuttering Playback

The other Apps are all very well but, the BT TV box is the preferred way as it records to content to watch when I'm ready but the recording is shot to pieces.
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