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Screen mirroring / HDMI is back!

I know we upset a lot of people when we removed screen mirroring from the BT Sport app on Android - especially those with TVs that don't have a BT Sport app available.

Following a few weeks of testing and gathering statistics, I'm pleased to say that we've found a way to re-enable this feature for some users - specifically where the device reports that the connection to your TV is secure, and your subscription allows it.

Statistics gathered over the last 6 weeks indicate that roughly half of all attempts to mirror from BT Sport on Android were to TVs that will now work if tried again - our testing has shown that HDMI is the best way to make sure it works.

The update to re-enable mirroring is in a beta update which will be available in the Play Store within the next hour or so.  It'll be released to all devices on Sunday evening.  You can join the beta from the Play Store listing for the BT Sport app.


Note: We're still trying to find a way to enable HDMI on Apple devices. I'll update here if we find a way.

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