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Take your seat for TNT Sports

Calling all spectators. We’re excited to announce that, from 18th July, TNT Sports will be the new name for BT Sport. And, as always, you’ll be at the centre of all the action.


We might be getting a new name but everything else will stay the same, and your price won’t change. From the first ball to the final whistle, we’ll still be the heart of sport that you know and love today. And all you have to do is sit back, relax, and keep watching.



Our partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery


We’re coming together with Warner Bros. Discovery to launch a new brand for amazing sports – offering our customers one of the most extensive line-ups of live sports coverage in the UK and Ireland.



 What does this mean?


  • New name -  BT Sport will become TNT Sports, but you'll still find us in all the same places.
  • Same game - From football and rugby to boxing and the UFC, you’ll get all the same content as you do now.
  • Same price - Other than the name at the top of your bill, everything will stay the same. You’ll pay the same as you are now.
  • discovery+ app - TNT Sports is now part of discovery+, which as a TNT Sports customer, you can already get access to at no additional cost for the duration of your TNT Sports subscription.  Login to MyBT to activate



Check out the frequently asked questions page for more information, just click this link, FAQs 

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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports

All fine by me except calling it TNT Sports rather than TNT Sport.  After all we don't say sheeps.  😞

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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports

Ok the current scenario is

“discovery+ is the new streaming home for TNT Sports, replacing the BT Sport app later in the season. Those customers who previously had access to the BT Sport app can continue enjoying TNT Sports via the BT Sport app.”

So effectively we have WBD  Discovery + app and BT Group BT Sport app in use. What is the recommended support route for customers  .




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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports


We have Sky Sports so why not TNT Sports? Granted BT Sport (as opposed to BT Sports) had a certain ring to it.

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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports

@why_oh_why  I will let @gomezz  answer that.

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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports

If you're having issues with the BT Sport app, raise them here or email me at

If you're having issues with subscription in the discovery+ app then raise them here.  If you're having technical issues with the discovery+ app then you can try emailing them at - I don't yet know how responsive they are.  You're also welcome to raise issues here too, as others may have experienced them too and know an answer.  I'll also be keeping an eye out for issues, so that we can gauge our level of confidence in the new service.

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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports

We also have BBC Sport. I guess it is just a house/culture style thing but why waste e-ink on a superfluous letter?


(I suppose we should ask the BBC why it is BBC Sport but BBC Sounds)

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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports

Do you have a timescale has to when the discovery + app will appear on the 4k box?

Also will the bt tv app still work to send recording requests to the box.


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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports

The BT TV app will continue to work as normal.
No date yet announced for the app on BT TV boxes.
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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports

Well, at first glance I am happy.

HD picture quality of TNT Sports via Discovery+ on my Apple TV is very good and more importantly (to me anyway), no garish "white rectangle" anywhere to be seen which you get on the BT Sport app and BT TV box. 

Long may it continue!

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