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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports

Just found out the following:   So if you were a fan of Duke, N Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky,  Michigan, Michigan State, Miami, Villanova and all the other amazing programs out there I've watched for years and years you can now wave goodbye to college BB in the UK too.


Goodbye BT and goodbye TNT 


Hi David, thanks for contacting discovery+. ESPN content, including college sports, will not be shown on TNT Sports.   This includes NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball. If you need anything further, please don't hesitate to message. Many thanks, -Ryan

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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports

I guess that explains where the NHRA drag racing highlights went as well.

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Re: Take your seat for TNT Sports

Without any explanation from TNT Sports as to why they are dropping content I can only  speculate that perhaps they are focused on a narrower band of sports  and are looking at terminating  other sports that were in the BT Sports portfolio as and when contractually  they are able to. As a business that is their right.  Clearly the former ESpN International sports coverage used to form a substantial amount of  NCAA and other content to BT sport and its withdrawal does leave several viewers disappointed and at times significant gaps in available new live content.

The communication  needs to be far better than  we have experienced so far.