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UFC Vera vs Sandhagen

Morning, sadley the main event fight is missing from enhanced and standard version. Some ones dropped a ball again....


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Re: UFC Vera vs Sandhagen

This is deeply annoying. I‘ve been waiting to watch this morning but now know the result from trying to google what the problem was with the btsport app and the sanghagen Vera fight. Another btsport baws up 

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Re: UFC Vera vs Sandhagen

Same, it's so frustrating!! Had nothing but issues since getting BT.

Our internet connection keeps dropping, had two engineers out to say there's "nothing wrong" but then it continues to happen.

Last week we couldn't purchase the box office event due to our shocking Internet speed (it went down to 1.4MB)

And now the main event is missing this morning.

And they want us pay an extra fiver a month!

Absolute joke.

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Re: UFC Vera vs Sandhagen

Extra £5 a month and the main event is missing. Absolute shambles by BT.

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Re: UFC Vera vs Sandhagen

Hi All,

I am sorry about the main event being missing from the replay on the app this morning. There was a problem with the recording last night and as a result that part of the replay is unavailable. We will have a highlights reel available later this afternoon.


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Re: UFC Vera vs Sandhagen

£29.99 a month to watch highlights.. at some point.. 

Pretty insulting really. 

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Re: UFC Vera vs Sandhagen

So BT should advertise this catch up as Holm vs Santos? Actually shocking how you can charge for this sub standard service. 


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Re: UFC Vera vs Sandhagen

Disappointed with the overall experience of watching UFC on BT.

Problems with app, low quality streams, missing content? Honestly, for the money its a disappointing user experience that should not be accepted in 2023.  

I feel little to no thought goes into how you present content. Each week I log in and it seems like I need to search for the main event or prelims in doing so risking seeing a spoiler.

Why dont you present each week in a similar format? I want to go the UFC spoiler free page and see two big links. One for the main event and one for the prelims/early prelims?

Hire a UX designer and make your product offering decent to use. 

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Re: UFC Vera vs Sandhagen

Will the main event become available?

How do we raise a complaint about this issue?  I only by the sport pass for UFC and have missed being able to watch the main event at all to date, and without result being spoiled should it ever become available.

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Re: UFC Vera vs Sandhagen

Are you joking? I only have BT sport to watch the UFC and you've failed to even show the main event. You've failed to provide a service that you've advertised. This is like buying a sandwich with no filling, a book with the final chapter ripped out. All you have to offer is highlights! This is the definition of a rip off, I want what I paid for, either that or give me my money back. 

Smh. Not only that there's actually no highlights. And by this time the results have been spoiled for everyone. It's too bad you have a monopoly on the UFC, if there was actually competition for UFC broadcasting I'd drop BT in a heartbeat.